Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Full Version – PC Game – Compressed – Free Download
Game Info:

Size: 109 MB
Crack: Not Required
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: August 27, 1999
Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: EA

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
is a Strategy video game. Tiberian Sun sees players taking on opponents by building bases, gathering resources, creating armies, and then defeating their opposition by wiping out their units and either capturing or destroying their bases. Gameplay functions similar to the 1995 game, though both playable factions in the games received significant changes to balance out units but retaining notable differences with new structures and units for each – GDI rely on heavy strategic attacks, with new technologies including special defensive walls and units that can traverse bodies of water; Nod rely on unconventional, fanatical methods of attacks, with new technologies including deployable units for defensive purposes and units that can burrow under the ground and emerge behind enemy defences. The game operates on a new isometric game engine featuring varying level terrain to give the impression of a true 3D environment, and dynamic lighting that simulates day/night cycles and special effects such as ion storms. Some buildings and armored units are rendered with voxels, although infantry is still rendered as sprites. Tiberium, the game’s sole resource required to fund construction of structures and units, now consists of two types – the standard green tiberium, and a more valuable blue tiberium – while bridges in the game that are destroyed can be repaired by using a faction’s engineer unit on a special hut building connected to the bridge. Crates can be found that convey bonuses such as extra credits, or healing a set number of damaged units. While the game features network and online multiplayer modes, the game’s campaign mode allows players to choose one of two factions who conduct missions across three different theatres of war – North America, Europe, and North Africa. Each faction’s campaign features different missions, though a number of these include optional side missions which can be undertaken, and if completed confer a bonus that reduces its difficulty, ranging from additional units, to a reduction in enemy units We Facilitate you with 100% working PC game setup, full version, free download for everyone!


Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Any Windows upto 7
CPU: Pentium, 133 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Video Card: Any
Space Required: 200 MB
DirectX: Any

How to Install:
Extract the game using Winrar or 7zip.
Open “Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun” folder.
Now double click on “Sun” icon to play the game. Enjoy!

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